Want to learn a foreign languages? We have several options and are currently searching for more.

Can’t communicate with someone do to language barrier? We have many options to learn several languages.


Asking an employee to do something and they just nod yes and it never gets done? We got the answers here for you.Can’t communicate with the guys doing your roof or lawn care? We can help!

America welcomes foreigners all the time with our open doors but can we truly make them part off or communities? You can learn to communicate with them here and make them feel more at home.

Jason Oxenham Founder and ceo of rocket languages


Are you feeling left out because you are new to the USA? You can learn english fast and easy here.

Below you are going to see access to several different languages.  Learning a new language has never been as easy as it is following the proven programs below.  Please check them out, and share with your friends and family so we can spread the learning around the globe:

Learn American Sign Language With Rocket Sign Language!

Learn Arabic With Rocket Arabic!

Learn Chinese With Rocket Chinese!

Learn English With Rocket English!

Learn French With Rocket French!

Learn German With Rocket German!

Learn Hindi With Rocket Hindi!

Learn Italian With Rocket Italian!

Learn Japanese With Rocket Japanese!

Learn Korean With Rocket Korean!

Learn Portuguese With Rocket Portuguese!

Learn Spanish With Rocket Spanish!

The American Accent Course: Learn how to lose your Accent. While we all love hearing that unique accent, in the workforce having the training to remove your accent is proven to get you more money from employers, better job placements and you are able to gain in hospitality.  Then you can switch back to your accent at will.  Don’t let your Accent hurt you, let it help you… but learn to adapt and win!